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AMI has recently completed an update of the health risk assessment model ACE2588 and the new version is dated 02101. The revised ACE2588 model has the following features:

bullet interface with the latest version of the ISCST3 model  as well as the ISC-PRIME and AERMOD models.
bullet update to reflect the latest guidelines from California ARB and OEHHA, including the updated March 2002 health effects data (cancer unit risk factors, cancer potency and noncancer acute and chronic RELs). The multipathway exposure algorithms have been revised with new multipathway pollutants and exposure parameters.
bullet handle the multi-averaging times (1-hr, 4-hr, 6-hr and 7-hr) for noncancer acute analysis.
bullet add several new toxicological endpoints, e.g. the acute hazard index is computed for 10 endpoints and the chronic hazard index for 13 endpoints.
bullet handle up to 100 pollutants, 500 emission sources and 10,000 receptors.
bullet perform extensive QA/QC checks of the source and receptor inputs to ISCST3 and ACE2588 to ensure the validity of the model applications.
bullet update of the ACE2588 user's guide to reflect the above changes.

AMI has also recently developed a menu-driven preprocessor that can assist, with a minimal amount of time and effort, the user in setting up the ACE2888 input file. The preprocessor PREACE  can:

bullet obtain automatically the necessary source and receptor data from the ISCST3 input file,
bullet obtain the pollutant identification from the ACE2588 toxicity input file,
bullet accept emissions inputs in either engineering units (in lbs/hr or lbs/yr) or metric units (in g/s),
bullet make the ACE2588 model really easy to use!

Download ACE2588 User's Guide

Download the technical paper on an ISCST3/ISC-PRIME/AERMOD comparative study presented at the A&WMA Conference on Air Quality Models: A New Beginning, 4-6 April 2001, Newport, RI

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