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Based upon our proven expertise and experience, AMI offers consulting services in the following areas: 

    Air Quality

bullet Dispersion Modeling (AERMOD, CALPUFF, complex terrain, coastal dispersion)
bullet Urban/Regional Modeling for Ozone (Lagrangian TRACE; Eulerian grid CAMx, CMAQ)
bullet Urban/Regional Modeling for PM-2.5/PM-10 (Fugitive dust; Reactive CAMx, CMAQ)
bullet Meteorological Modeling (Diagnostic CALMET, DWM; Prognostic WRF)
bullet Visibility and Regional Haze Modeling
bullet Model Development, Evaluation and Application

    Meteorology & Weather Forecasts

bullet Worldwide, Real-time Weather Forecasting for Severe Weather and Energy Facility Operations
bullet AMI-developed PC-based versions of WRF
bullet Hybrid Prognostic-Diagnostic Model for Fine-Scale Modeling
bullet Site-specific Analysis for Energy Load Forecast and Wind Farm Siting
bullet Model Development, Evaluation and Application

    Chemical Hazard Assessment

bullet Hazard Assessment of Accidental Releases (ALOHA, CAMEO, SLAB, DEGADIS)
bullet Risk Management Plans (RMP, PSM)

    Emissions Inventory

bullet Major Facility
bullet Industrywide Sources
bullet Regional Gridded Inventory

    Air Toxics Health Risk Assessment

bullet Air Toxics Health Risk Assessment (ACE2588, ACEHWCF, HARP)
bullet Mercury Health Risk Assessment (ACEME)
bullet Probabilistic Risk Assessment (1-D & 2-D Monte Carlo MCACE, HARP)

Project Permitting and Compliance

bullet Emission Inventory Development (Criteria & non-criteria pollutants)
bullet Emission Control and Mitigation
bullet Project Permitting (Title V, New Source Review, PSD)
bullet Regulatory Compliance
bullet EIS/EIR Impact Analysis

Computer Applications

bullet Environmental Software (Fortran, Visual Basic, C/C++ and Java)
bullet Turnkey Modeling Systems (Linux PC with multiprocessing SMP, parallel clusters)
bullet System Installation and Training

Litigation Support

bullet Expert Testimony & Witness
bullet Forensic Modeling
bullet Computer Animation

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